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StarryHost Starry Host's passion is to foster the exchange of ideas and techniques in astronomy. We are a members built astronomy community. Join discussions, post reviews, post observing sessions, buy/sell equipment, review products, create websites, and more. Join us!

The Clear Sky Chart is the primary source of the data used by the Clear Sky Alarm clock.

The Greater Hazleton Area Astronomy Society is my local astronomy club. Their members have helped me learn to enjoy the the night sky and inspiried me to share that feeling with others.

Sky Things From Ken Walker.

The Metacom Observatory Home Page.

United States Military Academy Astronomy Club.

Sky River.

Observatorio ARVAL Caracas, Venezuela. Latitud 10 30' N, Longitud 66 50' W (UT - 4 hrs.) .

Sky Things From Ken Walker

Ash Observatory

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