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About the author of the Clear Sky Alarm Clock.

I have been an active amateur astronomer since January 2002. Being a programmer by trade, I wrote AstroHelper to help me find objects with my 8" Dob. I then developed the Clear Sky Alarm Clock in the fall of 2003. As I pick up new web development skills I update the look, feel, and internal operations of the Clear Sky Alarm Clock.

I want to clear up some confusion. The Clear Sky Charts were invented by Attilla Danko. I take no credit for his ground breaking work of interpreting the astronomy forecasts of the Canadian Meteorological Center in a manner that makes them very easy to use. Neither myself nor Attilla take any credit for the forecasts themselves. These amazing forecasts are the product of the Canadian Meteorological Center and are simply amazing.

My contribution is to provide a way for the Clear Sky Charts to be actively delivered to an astronomer's email box. Although the impact of this service may be to make Attilla's and the CMC's products more useful, the service itself is nothing exceptional. We are all in great debt to the services provided by Attilla and the CMC.

To get a better idea of who I am, visit my personal Home Page.

Clear skies,

Mark Casazza

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