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Clear Sky Chart
This service provides the astronomy community with emails to tell astronomers when weather conditions are predicted to be good for observing. Email formats are provided for many devices including pagers, cell phones, smart phones, and traditional email complete with the 40 hour forecast. The service will prevent you from being surprised by an unexpected opportunity to use your telescope and explore our wonderful universe. When you sign up, the site will email a notification, based on your criteria, when the conditions are forecast to be agreeable for observing.
The forecasts are provided by Canadian Meteorological Center and turned into "Clear Sky Charts" by Attilla Danko. These forecasts have earned a reputation for incredible accuracy. I provide this tool to keep the busy astronomer informed. If you find them useful, I encourage you to email Allan Rahill so he can provide positive feedback to his superiors whenever they inquiry as to the value of these very specific forecasts. I also encourage you to sponsor your chart.
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